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Celebrities Inspired By Burlesque

Celebrities Inspired By Burlesque

In the 1840's, burlesque was introduced to the world. Since then it has transformed from a bawdy, pun-filled, bottom of the bill show, into an absolute art form, usually associated with some very powerful, sassy females performing some very suggestive songs and equally suggestive dance routines, but combined with a huge tongue in cheek sense of fun.

Many celebrities have been influenced by this entertainment and have incorporated it into their both their clothing style and their performance, and once you start looking, it's not difficult to find that influence.

Start by looking no further than the original burlesque queen, Mae West, with her mixture of witty one liners and voluptuous sex appeal, this femme fatale knew how to achieve the perfect combination of eroticism and humour.

Next, take a look at Cher. Her clothing has always been as wild and reckless as her personality and it is easy to see how she has adapted the burlesque look into her wardrobe, and in 2010 she and Christine Aguilera starred in the film 'Burlesque'.

The Pussycat Dolls started performing as a burlesque troupe in 1995 and if you watch stage acts and films of each of these celebrities, you can clearly see their devotion to the art of burlesque. They have had various line-ups which have included performers such Christina Applegate, Carmen Electra, and Christine Aguilera . Gwen Steffani previously appeared as a guest singer for the Pussycat Dolls but even before that you can see that her clothing was burlesque-influenced - fancy, frilly, and show-stopping.

Even before the Pussycat Dolls, one performer you could always count on to perform in a mind-blowing, suggestive manner, and with the most provocative outfits, was Madonna, easily one of the front-runners of eye-popping, sexualised performing. Dita Von Teese is another celebrity who has made a name for herself as a burlesque performer/stripper, and could be named as the leader of the revival burlesque movement. Her style is totally unique, and she is devoted to looking smoulderingly sexy at all times. She can perform the most wonderfully classy strip routines, spending thousands on her clothing, and helping to design it herself. Another obvious burlesque fan is the singer Katy Perry, whose photo-shoots have included herself and other female dancers all dressed in burlesque type clothes, and shot totally in black and white.

It is fair to say that burlesque always has, and hopefully always will be, a major influence on our celebrities.