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Green Celebrities: Environmental Friendly Green Celebrity Causes

Green Celebrities: Environmental Friendly Green Celebrity Causes

In these environmentally enlightened times, most of us are doing our bit one way or another, to take better care of our planet and it's future inhabitants. So it's nice to see that, instead of flouting the latest fashion item or the newest mansion, some celebrities are ploughing their time and money into doing exactly the same thing. Their high-profile statuses mean that the issues they are supporting are having their levels of awareness raised on a very big scale.
Nick from click here made a list with a few of those celebrities who are involved in joining the fight against destroying our world in some very different ways.

This famous grunge-rock band is perhaps not the first people you would associate with being green, but they are one of the most environmentally aware bands on the planet. They are constantly checking the chemical used to produce their cd's/dvd's and even try to streamline their travel arrangements so that their emissions are kept to a minimum, working towards reaching a zero count! In 2011 they won the Planet Defenders award from Rock The Earth, a Colorado based environmental agency which bases itself in the world of music.

The actor Ted Danson specialises in saving the ocean. He is the co-author of a book entitled: “Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them" which is predominantly an educational book written in a very straightforward way. He is also on the Board of Directors of Oceana, and campaigns vigorously for the conservation of oceans. Added to this, he is also a vegan!

Fashion Designer Stella is well-known for her lifelong vegan diet (following in the footsteps of her Mother, Linda McCartney) but also ensures that her clothing lines are as sustainable as they can be, absolutely refusing to use leather or real fur. She is constantly seeking ways in which to be kind to the environment and even her studios are wind-powered.

Known to thousands as a country and western singer, Willie has also become a forefather of BioWillie, an eco-friendly fuel source whose main source is crops. Willie started producing this fuel in 2004 and first distributed it from a truck stop in Texas and now has a website showing exactly which fuel-stations are stockists.

In 1989 Sting and his wife Trudie Styler created The Rainforest Foundation. They have worked to protect 71,000 miles of tropical rainforest in countries such as Brazil, Africa and Latin America, and have set up a project where anyone can adopt a tree.

Not only is Jamie Oliver famous for the revolution of school dinners, he is committed to changing the way in which we all think about food, and therefore how we eat. He consistently promotes home-grown food and the use of locally grown products.

So there we have it. Nice to know that the conservation of our planet is uppermost in the minds of our celebrities minds, as well as our own!