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I write a blog because this is a quite acceptable way of being completely self-absorbed. I have much to say about myself and my random life and need a whole website all to myself to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions.

Vintage fashion

Dita Von Teese on her Beauty Routine

Vintage fashion is trending like it never has before, and with fashion genres being added almost by the month, if you are thinking of wearing or collecting vintage fashion, you really do need to know exactly what to look for.
The first thing you need to do is decide exactly which era you are interested in, and unless you are naturally drawn to one clothing period or another, this can be your most difficult task!

Once you have chosen your particular style, check out the well-known clothing labels from that period of time. Any clothes seller can claim that their articles are authentic, so make sure that you familiarize yourself really well with the fabrics and designs of the time.

The next thing to do is not to under-estimate the importance of accessories, the look of your perfect 50's style dress will be completely ruined if it is teamed with a belt from the 70's! More than one item can be required to create a whole look, including hats, gloves, jewellery and shoes, and if any of these are wrong it will show. The typical fifties look incorporates dresses with tiny waists combined with either pencil line or fully flared skirts. This look would be complemented with the American additions of wide belts and hats, and gloves. Shoes would be high heeled, with a thick platform and possibly ankle fastening, or completely flat ballerina style pumps, perfect for all that jiving!

The sixties saw fabrics being used such as plastic, chiffon and chain mail, the most popular clothing item being the mini skirt, usually accompanied by knee-length white plastic boots, and the space-age look being the one that the youngest of the generation went for.

In the seventies the discotheque ruled and along with it came hot pants and flared trousers, alongside patchwork and folksy type clothing, great flapping collars also came into play.

The decade of the eighties coined the phrase 'power dressing' and huge shoulder-pads became a must especially with most working women, usually wearing either skirt or trouser suits. Another fashion item which was really invented around this time was trendy sportswear, with exercise becoming trendy, the need to look good whilst breaking a sweat was of paramount importance and the most popular fabric for these items was lycra, which allowed the skin to breathe.

Collecting and/or wearing vintage fashions is not only addictive, it is also great fun, just make sure you have a big enough wardrobe!