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Kiss My Cherry is Lara Masters' label of fascinators, hats, eyepatches & half-masks; "For gals that use their heads."

Influences for these extraordinary handmade works of art range from burlesque, vintage, Goth, Rockabilly & Harajuku to the passing whims of the mercurial prodigy that crafts each masterpiece.

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Green Celebrities: Environmental Friendly Green Celebrity Causes

In these environmentally enlightened times, most of us are doing our bit one way or another, to take better care of our planet and it's future inhabitants. So it's nice to see that, instead of flouting the latest fashion item or the newest mansion, some celebrities are ploughing their time and money into doing exactly the same thing. Their high-profile statuses mean that the issues they are supporting are having their levels of awareness raised on a very big scale.

Nick from click here made a list with a few of those celebrities who are involved in joining the fight against destroying our world in some very different ways. ... read more