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I write a blog because this is a quite acceptable way of being completely self-absorbed. I have much to say about myself and my random life and need a whole website all to myself to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions.

Dita Von Teese on her Beauty Routine

Dita Von Teese on her Beauty Routine

It's difficult to have a conversation about glamorous women without the name Dita Von Teese cropping up. Synonymous with elegant beauty from head to foot, her immaculately painted face and carefully styled hair is always the first thing you notice about her, and the fact that she is never seen looking less than perfect is a cause of much curiosity. Just how does she do it? Let's find out!

Well first of all, Dita firmly believes in the power of drinking a glass of water with lemon juice every morning, aiming for beauty inside as well as outside, this easy drink is good for both bones and skin because of it's high vitamin C content.
The next step is using coconut oil as a cleanser, as well as a shaving cream or hair conditioner, due to it's hydrating quantities. Dita also considers that any product which can be used on the face, can most definitely be used on the décolletage as well, insisting that it is important not to neglect this very delicate chest area.
Next comes the concealer, using it to hide, rather than lighten. Her advice for darkness underneath the eyes, one of the most common eye worries) is to use a peach color concealer. For a smoother, more fluid application, Dita recommends adding a tiny drop of foundation into the mix. Eye liner is the next item, her cat-like flicks have become one of her trademarks, but Dita is wary of spending too much time on getting them perfect, advising to just complete one eye, walk away for a few minutes, then return to copy it.

Dita would never contemplate using eye-liner without then adding mascara, and usually uses more than one type of mascara at a time to achieve that full-lashed, separated look.
The famous rich, red lipstick that Dita is famous for, is always outlined with a color which is a shade darker that the actual lip color.

For luscious locks Dita recommends a once a week routine of putting on a deep oil-based conditioner and covering the hair with a shower cap, before blow-drying. When finalizing the style, use a cosmetic powder brush sprayed with hair lacquer to help keep down any stray, wispy hairs.

And there you have it, the secrets of looking glamorous revealed by the mistress of make-up, we might need to wake up a little earlier than usual tomorrow morning - good luck!