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New Kiss My Cherry Website!

And Lara's Got a Bee in Her Bonnet (Forward Slash Some Poppies on Her Head) My mum (Pineapple founder Debbie Moore OBE) had a party at London’s most stylish...

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New Kiss My Cherry Website!

And Lara's Got a Bee in Her Bonnet (Forward Slash Some Poppies on Her Head) 



My mum (Pineapple founder Debbie Moore OBE) had a party at London’s most stylish venue, The Ivy Club, to celebrate  her photo (by Paul Wolfgang Webster) becoming part of the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent exhibition, and because she’s receiving an Honorary Master of Arts Degree from UCA for her outstanding contribution to fashion.


Good on my mum, hey? It’s nice to be in galleries (I have my very own Gallery of me on this website), and it’s lovely to get awards (I got the Science & Geography Prize plus the Backgammon Cup when I was 11, but lost the Ballet Prize to Nevette Webb because I’d slacked off for a few months to have a spinal haemorrhage.) It’s especially nice to get an “honorary” degree because you can skip the years of swotting in grubby digs and sitting exams, and fast forward to the cap ‘n gown, glass of Champers and I’ll have an M and an A please Bob.


So, we piled into the IC to say OMG to Debbie Moore OBE, soon to be Debbie Moore OBE MA, LOL, and whilst people were in the mood for an acronym, I used the opportunity to announce the launch of the new KMC website.


For those of you unfamiliar with common acronyms and modern text-speak, KMC stands for Kiss My Cherry - my label of hats and fascinators; “For gals that use their heads.”


And here I am, merrily practising what I preach and showing my noggin off to its very best advantage in a KMC poppy and Swarovski crystal number whilst cosying up to mum and our good friend, Prince of the Pirouettes, Wayne Sleep.                                                                                                                                                              



As Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith said when mum introduced me (and I thought he was someone from accounts); “I like your hat.” And these were words from “The Quiet Man” (you have to be pretty politically savvy forward slash know how to use Wikipedia to get that reference.) Like any good politician, IDS was picking up on the atmosphere and echoing what everyone was saying that night - apart from TV’s favourite soap-expert Sharon Marshall, who said to me quite pointedly: ”I want that hat.”


Fascinators and hats command attention and people get quite reverential and a little mesmerised by a hat-wearer; perhaps because historically, hats are associated with authority, but also because with the right “topping” you really can make a silk-purse out of a sow’s ear. That’s not a great use of metaphor but what I’m saying is people assume you’re quite important if you have something pretty on your head.


And the moral of the tale is, you can spend your life building an international dance and fashion empire, receive accolades from from the Queen and renowned institutes of art and education and people will still think you work for Louie Spence. However, stick a hat on your noodle and there ain’t no mistakin’ who’s boss. 



Posted by laramasters on Sun, 19th June 2011